Saturday, March 20, 2010

Kyrie Eleison v2.0

My attempt to repurpose this great song by Mister Mister for church use. I know the original is a spiritual song already, but here its content is made more explicit. Sorry, it's not as poetic as the original!

The wind blows hard against this mountainside
Across the sea into my soul
He reaches into where I cannot hide
Setting my feet upon the road

Within my heart, where once was wilderness
Your Spirit burns, a gemlike flame
Somewhere between your grace and holiness
Is where I find myself again

Kyrie Eleison down the road that I must travel
Kyrie Eleison through the darkness of the night
Kyrie Eleison where you lead me I will follow
Kyrie Eleison on a highway in the light

As now my soul in your embrace unfolds
Your faithful mercies do I see
And as I journey on the narrow road
You point me to what I could be